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Risks And Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Many holidaymakers may be jetting off in the summer and one of the things many will be packing is an appointment card to see a plastic surgeon. For many Americans, a nip and a tuck or a nose job are becoming as important as a perfect tan. The number of Americans who are undergoing these […]

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Got a Boob Job – Now I Have Back Pains

After working for many years with women who have had breast implants, many of them have complained about back pains and shoulder slouching. These pains and aches mostly result in surgeries where the implants are inserted under the muscle. It is actually very common for women who have had breast augmentation to complain about back […]

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5 Easy Steps To Budgeting Your Tummy Tuck Cost

  Over time, your abdomen goes through a lot of changes. With weight gain and loss, pregnancy, and lack of exercise, skin stretches and muscles lose firmness leaving you with a saggy, uncomfortable midsection. We can give you a slimmer waistline and flatter stomach with a tummy tuck, but you may want to budget for […]

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Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Controversy

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is a popular procedure performed in our office. It’s a source of controversy in the Asian-American communities when eyelid surgery is performed on Asian people who don’t have a second eyelid crease. When you are considering having surgery to add a fold to your eyelid to give it a more rounded appearance, […]

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A Brief History of Plastic Surgery

The history of plastic surgery can be traced back to ancient civilizations. You will be surprised to know that Egyptians practiced it around 3,400BC, and between the years 6BC and 6AD, plastic surgery was recorded in Susruta Samhita, the famous Hindu medical chronicle devoted to plastic surgery procedures. Also, around 1BC, Roman physicians began to carry out […]