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frank lloyd wright building - dayton, ohio
The Kenneth L. Meyers Clinic in Dayton is more than the Plastic Surgery Pavilion, as it’s commonly known, but a shimmering example of Frank Lloyd Wright at the height of his creative powers.

Designed and erected in 1956, the building now serves as the clinic of Dr. James Apesos. It is a graceful confluence of modernity and function, with its low ceilings and lengthy brick facade, a circular laboratory in the center of the medical section, a large welcoming hearth, broad eaves, and bands of windows that meet at its corners.

Situated back from the street, upon a patch of green and framed by large trees, the structure seems to rise from the earth. Inside, south-facing main room doors permit natural light throughout the day. Terra cotta and brick not only provide texture but a predominant color palette. Narrow terraces of red pigmented concrete are resplendent against the rolling lawns that attend the clinic’s environs. Indoors, modern carpets dyed the color of terra cotta duplicate red clay floors.

The rotunda brick, once painted white, has since been restored to its natural red color via unique chemical and sandblasting processes. Gary Bockrath personally cut and hand-fitted the carpet which lines the center of the building. For the pie-shaped examination room, Bockrath used templates and, later, laminate, and he adhered to Wright’s drawings to the letter.

Dr. Apesos has also been mindful of Wright’s influence when considering other appointments, such as bench seating and two large tables added in 1989.

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