Calf Implants

Calf implants add to the dimensions of the lower legs as exercise programs will never do. Such implants can be factory made or personally fabricated by Dr. Apesos to enhance the shape of the legs or to correct problems of calf asymmetry.

Calf implants are quite popular on the West Coast, and are just beginning to become popular in the Midwest. Your exercise regimen may not deliver the results you desire in lower leg shape. In some people, even well-toned legs are asymmetrical.

The calf of the leg may also be smaller or thinner than desired due to surgery, injury, illness or congenital defect. Correcting this asymmetry with implants can help alleviate embarrassment and self-consciousness, leading to an improved self-image.

Dr. Apesos has the training and experience to define a well-proportioned calf profile for your body type and desired outcome. It is important when choosing a surgeon to choose one such as Dr. Apesos who has specific training and experience with cosmetic issues.

To discuss whether calf implants are right for you, and to understand the options and risks, please call our office for a consultation appointment.

Pectoral Implants

Male chest enhancement is surgically performed to improve the appearance of the pectoral chest mus