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Nipple Reshaping

Nipple Reshaping to Correct Inversion

Nipple reshaping surgery is sometimes necessary to correct for inverted nipples. The appearance of the female breast involves not only the breast volume and shape but also the appearance of the nipple areolar complex.

Nipple retraction or inverted nipples can cause self-consciousness because of the nipple shape. There are many causes of inverted nipples. Some people (both men and women) have them from birth. Breastfeeding can cause changes in the breast to cause or exacerbate inverted nipples. Injury or surgery that causes scarring may lead to the condition.

Other causes may include breast cancers, or infections and inflammations such as mastitis. Changes from aging or weight loss, especially sagging breasts, may also cause the nipple to retract. Inverted nipples may appear on both or on just one breast.

There are devices developed to “manually extract” the nipple with suction. If used long enough this technique may work but the devices can be unreliable and difficult to use.

If the nipple continues to retract after manipulation treatment, then surgical correction is necessary. The procedure can be also carried out along with breast augmentation surgery or with the uplift procedure.

Dr. Apesos and Nipple Reshaping

Dr. Apesos has developed his own nipple reshaping eversion correction procedure combining the best ideas of several other techniques to correct inverted nipples. His technique is associated with an extremely high percentage of success. Dr. Apesos combines extensive technical training with years of personal experience in cosmetic enhancement to develop procedures that help you achieve your best desired outcome. He will create a natural, comfortable appearance in proportion to your breast shape and body type.


To discuss whether nipple reshaping surgery is right for you, and to understand the options and risks, please call our office for a consultation appointment.

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