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Ptotic Ears

“Dumbo” ears, perceived as sticking out from the head too much, can be corrected or “pinned-back” with an otoplasty procedure. Children, particularly, can be saved from the cruel harassment of bullies with this simple procedure. Different techniques are employed to give patients an ear that lies in greater line with the normal curvature of the head.

Incisions are well hidden from view behind the ear. Defects in the ear cartilage and support structures are corrected to obtain normal contouring and angling of the ear. A headband is worn at night for six to eight weeks after the procedure while internal healing and reshaping of the ear takes place.

Ear Reduction Surgery

The reduction of vertically large ears is an uncommon but challenging request. One cause of large ears is the aging process. As we get older the entire ear can enlarge. In some people, just the earlobe can become bigger over time. Sometimes we see patients who have already had their ears pinned back, but they are still very unhappy since the ears were not reduced in size and the real problem of the long large ear was not addressed. The problem is often a lack of patient-doctor communication and a real misunderstanding of the problem, or a physician who is not well-experience with cosmetic surgery aesthetics.

An ear reduction can be very exacting to accomplish. Ear reduction is one of Dr. Apesos’ most personally fulfilling procedures, requiring a careful diagnosis to understand and achieve the patient’s goals for their appearance. Dr. Apesos has the training and experience to visualize and plan a treatment procedure to adjust the ears for a natural, age-appropriate look.

To discuss whether otoplasty or ear reduction is right for you, and to understand the options and risks, please call our office for a consultation appointment.

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