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Chin and Cheek

Cheek – Midface Lifts

Cheekbones frame and elevate the face, enhance the smile and visually support the eyes. A cheek enhancement procedure is a cosmetic surgical procedure used to build up or enlarge a person’s cheekbones, thus bringing a more desired balance to the face.

High, prominent cheekbones or elevation of sagging cheeks can be achieved with a cheek lift. Cheek lifts can help to flatten and smooth wrinkles around the nose and lower face. This is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed alone or with other procedures such as eyelid surgery, lip augmentation, or other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Incisions are made inside the upper lip and beneath the eye on each side of the face. Recovery is usually quick with excellent patient satisfaction to date.

A cheek lift can also be accomplished with placement of an anatomically shaped cheek implant. The decision to use an implant or to lift the cheeks is made in consultation with Dr. Apesos.

Cheek Implants

A relatively flat cheekbone area can often be enhanced or made more prominent with the insertion of cheek implants. The implants are also often inserted in conjunction with other procedures, such as a facelift. Cheek implants are placed either through an incision in the mouth, through a lower eyelid incision during eyelid surgery or through a facelift incision.

The procedure takes approximately one hour and can be performed under sedation with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia.

Chin Implants

A small, short chin can be corrected with a chin implant. If your bite is normal and jaw reconstruction is not needed or desired, then a relatively simple chin implant can alter the lower face, improving the jaw line and adding stronger dimensions to the lower face. This procedure is often performed as an additional enhancement as a part of a rhinoplasty (nose job) or as part of facial rejuvenation procedures such as a facelift or neck liposuction.

In the office during your preoperative visit, Dr. Apesos and you will choose the specific implant to be placed based on your anatomical dimensions and personal preferences. The appearance from the front and side are both very important and should be considered for a satisfactory result.


To discuss whether cheek or chin procedures are right for you, and to understand the options and risks, please call our office for a consultation appointment.

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