There are so many ways to feel confident in your skin: a healthy, self-care routine, makeup, plastic surgery… Finding the combination that’s right for you can be tricky. Here are four ways to use makeup to keep your face looking vibrant and youthful.

1) Skin

The skin is key. The wrong foundation can leave all the other steps looking a little odd, so be sure to start with a smooth base. We recommend using cream foundations, rather than powder which can emphasize and settle into wrinkles. Primers are also a great way to keep your skin feeling fresh and dewy. The goal is to even out the color, and gently cover wrinkles/scars or other blemishes. When applying makeup, be sure to use gentle hands, to avoid agitating the skin and creating more wrinkles. Here are a few products we love (be sure to choose the right shade for you!):

Illuminating Primer:

Before foundation, apply this primer evenly with clean fingers or a gentle brush to create a smooth, radiant surface to apply the foundation on.

Satin Finish Foundation:

Choose this foundation if you’re looking for a bit more shine/gloss to your look.

Mineral Liquid Foundation:

After choosing the correct shade, dab a thin but thorough layer across your face, and make sure to blend with the neck if necessary. This foundation is SPF 18, to be sure the sun can’t cause any damage while you’re out and about.

2) Eyes

There are a few things to keep in mind when applying eye makeup. The most common problems we hear are dark circles, bag and wrinkles, but there are other things like correct application of mascara and eyeliner that can really bring the youthfulness back to the eyes (don’t worry, we cover this in #4!). First, choose the right concealer for the issue you’re having around the eyes. Next, to be sure the makeup doesn’t pool underneath the eyes and attract more unwanted attention, applying in a single sweeping motion in the middle of the “bag” or circle under the eyes, moving from slightly inside the inner corner and past the eye to the top of the cheekbone. Then blend gently, and be sure to dab a bit more if there are any spots.

For dark circles: Liquid Bright Concealer

With a dewy finish, this product cancels out shadows and brings light under the eyes, which both opens up the eyes and also leaves you looking rested and energetic.

For bags: Mattifying Primer

For bags, rather than brightening, we recommend applying this primer to attract less attention to any puffiness. Same method, different effect.

3) Cheeks

Having a healthy, radiant flush to your face will keep you looking young, approachable and fun. The key to blush is all about gentle application and perfect placement. Give the mirror your happiest, biggest smile and apply the blush at the top of your cheeks, being sure to use a shade that compliments the complex colors and undertones of your skin. Cream blush or powder, either way, your skin will look fresh and ready for the day.

Cream Blush:

Dab a little of this on your finger and blend it with the foundation on your cheek for a seamless, natural look.

Mineral Blush:

Don’t worry, if you feel more confident with a brush in your hand, this powder option is beautiful and sits well with the foundation!

Blush Duo:

If you want to experiment, this blush duo gives you access to cream and powder options that work well together!

4) Lashes

As you age, you may notice your eyelashes becoming thinner, losing length, and sometimes lightening to an almost invisible shade! Always start with curling the lashes, and in general apply makeup to open your eye, rather than lining it just for the sake of lining it. While this depends heavily on your natural eye shape, here are a few products that should help you on your way:

Lash-Lengthening Mascara:

If you want to focus on your length, this is the right mascara for you! This brush is made for maximizing and defining what you’ve got.

Lash Thickener and Conditioner:

Put this on to nourish and thicken your lashes before applying mascara.

Precise Micro Eyeliner:

If applying eyeliner, we recommend this thin, precise liner to highlight the natural eyelash line.

Volumizing Mascara:

Finally, this mascara delivers volume without clumping. If you’re heading for a night out on the town, this will give you the look you want.

Dr. Apesos

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