The ideal male chest. What does it look like? Though trends have changed over the centuries, the current “ideal” male chest is generally depicted as having a soft swelling of tissue around the pectoral muscles. For some men, the right exercises coupled with a nutritious diet will help them develop a chest that looks and feels exactly as they desire.

5 Best Chest Workouts For The Ideal Male Chest

Adding these exercises to your workout routine can help you develop a more pleasing chest.


One of the easiest and quickest ways to work on your chest muscles is by doing pushups. Not only do pushups have a low threshold when it comes to muscle tone and skill level, but they also require no equipment to get started. All you need is flat surface and a willingness to try.

While classic pushups will help out, for toning your pectoral muscles, we recommend wide-grip pushups.

  • From plank position, place your arms slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Bend your elbows and lower slowly until your chest brushes the floor.
  • Pressing downward with your hands, push your body back up into a plank position.

Don’t worry if this feels difficult at first. Do as many repetitions as you can, and as your muscles strengthen, add more.

Dumbbell Presses

If you have a weight bench, you may want to consider setting the incline bench at a 45-degree angle for these. If not, it’s fine to lie on your back on the floor.

  • Press your feet firmly against the floor.
  • Lift the dumbbells so that your elbows are perpendicular to your core and the dumbbells near your face.
  • Press upward until your arms are fully extended.
  • Lower the dumbbells and repeat.

As an added bonus, dumbbell presses will work your arms as well as your chest.

Chest Dips

Chest dips are another simple but effective way to build your pectoral muscles and enhance your masculine chest.

Find a sturdy chair or bench (park benches work great). Sit on the edge of the bench and place your palms on the edge, fingers curling around the edge for stability. Scoot forward and drop your butt toward the ground. Use your arms to stabilize and lower yourself until your butt is near the ground. Push yourself back up and repeat. Always be sure to keep your elbows in throughout the process.

Chest dips work your arms, shoulders, and chest muscles and are great for toning the upper body.

Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Using a fully inflated stability ball, you can work your chest with this exercise.

Place the stability ball behind you. Get into plank position, but instead of resting your feet on the floor, balance them on the stability ball. While contracting your abs, pull your knees upward toward your chest. Return your legs back to the starting position, then repeat.

The entire time you’re doing your knee tucks, your arms will be holding you in a stable position. This aspect of the exercise works your chest muscles.

Walk the Plank

“Walk the plank” gets its nickname from the combination of skills required.

  • Start in plank position.
  • Lift your right arm, bend it at the elbow, and tap your right hand to your left shoulder.
  • Repeat the process with your left arm, raising it to tap your left hand to your right shoulder.
  • Continue “walking the plank” by tapping your shoulders with the opposite hands.

Start with 1-minute sets and increase your times as your strength (and chest muscles) build.

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