Veins are a crucial part of our body. They are responsible for carrying blood throughout every inch of our tissue. However, while most of the time, our veins don’t bother us one bit, there are certain conditions where our veins that should be hidden on the inside begin to affect our outside appearance. However, you don’t just have to live with unsightly veins marring your skin, if you want to change painful or visually displeasing veins, a good plastic surgeon can help through a procedure known as sclerotherapy.

How The Sclerotherapy Process Works?

Varicose veins, spider veins, and even just overly large bulging veins can all look pretty terrible on what otherwise should be our smooth, pristine skin. However, through sclerotherapy, they can be completely treated making it so they disappear completely. In this procedure, the veins are injected with a chemical foam that closes them up. That vein tissue is then reabsorbed by the body and those unsightly veins are gone forever. Not only will soreness of varicose veins be gone and the discoloration of spider veins, but you won’t even have the pale blue shadow of a vein snaking under your skin once the re-absorption process is completed.

There are some who may be concerned about a chemical foam being injected into their body causing other complications. However, the foam used for sclerotherapy is extremely safe when used correctly by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Complications typically occur when used incorrectly and are usually localized in nature. However, even in the event of these complications, they are highly and quickly treatable with no lasting effects. However, once the chemical has been injected, it dilutes fairly quickly. This allows it to not only close the surface veins but also allows for it to be harmlessly dissipated in the body once the veins have started to be absorbed back into the body.

Does Sclerotherapy Affect Natural Blood Flow?

However, anything that completely removes veins can come with a few questions. The number one question among them is – will sclerotherapy impede natural blood flow in the area? Veins are there for a reason, right? It kind of seems like you need them. Certainly getting rid of a few isn’t very good for natural blood flow. However, the truth is that your body has plenty of veins and expands that network every day.

If you, for example, remove a few bulging veins from your hands, there are often twice as many collateral veins in the area that will still continue blood flow to crucial areas. Often we have surface veins that we can see just under the skin, but it is always the veins deeper in that are the most crucial for blood flow. The only way you could impede blood flow is to damage an artery or deeper major veins, but sclerotherapy by a board-certified plastic surgeon doesn’t deal with deep veins and arteries, it only deals with surface veins. The good news is that arteries and deep veins are never an issue when it comes to affecting your skin because you have never seen them come close enough to the surface. Furthermore, deep veins and arteries are usually quite large and difficult to close. This is the reason sclerotherapy is done using a chemical foam close the veins. If surface veins were as large as their deeper counterparts, it would not be possible to close them as easily.

If you have been staring at those old unsightly veins forever and finally have decided to do something about it, contact us today to see what we can do for you. Dr. Apesos is dedicated to helping you get the beautiful body that you have always wanted, whether it comes in the form removing those extra pounds that just won’t go away or removing unsightly veins.