With the right makeup and a few insider tips and tricks, turning back the hands of time can be as effortless as popping open your makeup bag. It’s the perfect way to highlight your new facelift from Dr. Apesos, or to simply brighten your complexion for an evening out on the town.

5 Ways to Look Younger With Easy Makeup Tricks

1. Start With an Anti-Aging Primer

The best makeup does double duty. Not only must it cover up blemishes and fine lines, but it should also nourish your skin, support healthy skin cell turnover, and reduce visible signs of aging from the inside out.

Start your glow-up by laying down a base layer of makeup primer. Primer quickly and effortlessly smooths over your pores and wrinkles so that your makeup looks flawless. For the best results, look for a primer that contains anti-aging ingredients such as:

  • Vitamin C to brighten your complexion
  • Vitamin E to rejuvenate your skin
  • Camellia Oleifera extract (green tea) and other anti-inflammatories to tone down redness and puffiness
  • Grapeseed oil and other natural oils to hydrate and naturally firm up your skin tone

High-end makeup brands, such as the GloMinerals line offered by Dr. Apesos, use such ingredients in their primers.

2. Make Your Eyes Pop

Youthful eyes are brighter and appear larger, and the right eyeliner pencil can help you open up the windows to your soul.

Simply swipe a creamy eyeliner pencil, such as GloMineral’s Creamy Stay Shadow Stick, across your eyelid creases, then blend them outward. This subtle makeup strategy gives the visual appearance of lifting your eyelids, which often start to droop as women age.

3. Warm Up Your Skin Tone

People often focus on matching their foundation and concealer to their exact skin tone, but if a youthful appearance is your goal, you want to go a bit warmer.

But don’t run towards blush or red tones. That’s a common rookie error. Instead, try something with a bit of a yellow undertone, such as GloMineral’s Luminous Liquid Foundation in Linen or Porcelain. The gentle touch of yellow adds warmth while also calming down redness. Plus, this specific product from GloMineral includes SPF 18, which helps shield your skin from the aging effects of the sun.

4. Go for a Gentle Sparkle

People equate radiance and a shimmery glow with youthfulness. You don’t need to fully embrace the glitter trend that’s sweeping the makeup world right now. Instead, use a highlighter or bronzer that has just a bit of shimmer to it.

A mistake that many people make is coming off like they’re trying too hard. A light touch of sparkle gets the job done without going over the top.

5. Don’t Neglect Your Brows

Thin eyebrows, or eyebrows that aren’t as lush as they once were, is a common sign of aging. This is especially prevalent if you were a bit too dedicated to plucking, shaping and tweezing your eyebrows when you were younger.

Give your eyebrows a boost with a moisturizing treatment that promotes rejuvenated hair growth. Simply massage a very light layer of castor oil — no more than a drop or two — into your brow. Then, fill in your brows with GloMineral’s Brow Gel or Brow Powder Duo.

Of Course, Makeup Tricks are Just One Aspect of Your Youthful Appearance…

You can find the complete line of GloMinerals’ cosmetics at Dr. Apesos’ clinic in Dayton, Ohio. Simple makeup tricks can help you to look instantly younger, but if you’re seeking a more long-lasting solution that helps you to look as youthful as you feel, call toll-free 800.435.0331 or contact Dr. Apesos online today. As one of Ohio’s most experienced plastic surgeons, no one knows anti-aging treatments better than Dr. Apesos and his expert team.