As we often say, “Your eyes are the windows to your soul.” Ensuring your eyes look younger and radiant is essential to your look and self-esteem. Many people first notice aging around the eye area. The silver lining is that these DIY tips can make your eyes look younger.

1. Moisturize the Area Surrounding Your Eyes

The skin surrounding your eyes often dries up and makes you look older because it is too thin. Hydrate the skin using a hydrating serum or a moisturizer. You may also use products with vitamins K and A to reduce crow’s feet.

2. Use Eye Shadow Primer Before Applying Makeup

As we age, the skin surrounding our eyelids begins to droop, resulting in increasingly hooded eyelids. The extra friction can make it challenging for one’s eye shadow to stay put. Eye shadow primer can help with this issue. Dab some eye shadow primer before applying eye makeup to ensure it stays put throughout the day.

3. Use Bright Eye Makeup

Bright eye makeup having pinks or neons can make your eyes look younger. You may also apply a sufficient coat of mascara to pop your eyes.

4. Begin Eye Lifting Exercise

Eye lifting exercise can make your eyes seem younger. Be cautious as you perform this exercise as the skin surrounding your eyes is delicate. Follow these steps during eye lifting exercise:

  1. Look in a mirror and determine the distance between your eyelashes and eyebrows.
  2. Place each hand’s three middle fingers underneath your eyebrows.
  3. Drop your hands’ palms to your face.
  4. With your fingertip pads below your eyebrows, raise your eyebrows and hold them in a raised position with your eyes open.
  5. Push your brows down into your fingertips and hold them for five seconds.
  6. Remove your hands and take a deep breath before repeating the process. You hold the next three reps for 10 seconds each and gently close your eyes at the 7th second.

Perform this exercise once a day for six consecutive days. Your eyes will look younger and refreshed.

5. Use Eye Masks

You can develop under-eye wrinkles and dark circles as you age. Eye masks resemble sheet masks for one’s face, but they are smaller and customized for the under-eye area. You can apply eye masks before applying makeup. They are a straightforward way to hydrate and brighten your under-eye area.

6. Massage Your Eyes

You can lightly massage the area under your eyes, starting from the inner corners as you work your way out. Massaging these spots is an excellent way to reduce dark circles and puffiness. It may also be a wonderful self-care task.

7. Curl Your Eyelashes

Lashes can give your eyes a youthful look, and curling them is a straightforward way to open your eyes’ appearance. You can use one of the many curling methods, such as heated lash curlers or lash curlers. A mechanical lash curler can offer a temporary fix and is cheaper than other options.

If you are looking for a professional alternative to make your eyes look younger, you can undergo an eye lift or eye reduction surgery. This procedure can fix “tired” eyes and make you look young and vibrant. Dr. Apesos can reduce puffy, baggy, and swollen lower eyelids by removing fat pads underneath your eyes. He can use his 30 years of experience to determine if you need your skin removed to tighten your lower or upper eyelids. The surgery can happen in the office surgical suite and involve local anesthesia and minor sedation. You’ll recover quickly with minimal or no postoperative pain. Dr. Apesos has had his lower and upper eyelids reduced, so he uses his experience to ensure your procedure and recovery proceed without a problem.

Contact us if you would like Dr. Apesos to perform your eye lift surgery.