If you have made the decision to have a breast augmentation surgery done, whether it was to enlarge or reduce their size, you’re probably excited to see what your new bust will be like. For those who choose enlargement, they are excited see how they look in the tight black dress. For women that choose reduction, they simply might be excited by the prospect of not having daily back pain.

However, no matter which procedure you choose to have done, one thing remains the same. After the procedure is done, the patient is excited to start bra shopping for their new bust. While new and expensive bras to match your new chest are one of the best parts of augmentation, shopping for them should wait.

Prediction Isn’t Perfect

The issue with breast reduction surgery is that your plastic surgeon can get you the size you want, but it may not always be the size you expect. Breast reduction is typically easier to size while breast enlargement can be a little trickier to size. The enlargements are measured in CC’s of saline or silicone rather than just cup size. This can mean 400 CC’s of saline can be a C cup in some women and a D in others. Furthermore, the implant type can also make a difference in size and shape. This means that the fit of your bra is something that you need to measure. Even without augmentation, bras need to be carefully measured to get the right fit. Even just putting on an extra five pounds can mean you might need a new bra size even if you never had plastic surgery.

Your New Size Needs Time to Stabilize

However, the real issue with breast augmentation and bra size is that it needs time to heal. Over the course of the healing process, your chest is getting used to the change just like you are. This means that skin will shrink and adjust and the implants will shift around. In fact, it could be a few months before the implant finally shift into the position that will be their final resting place. The shifting and healing of breasts after the augmentation process is the real reason you will want to hold off buying any expensive new bras. If you get your chest measured only a week after the surgery, those bras might not fit again next week or even a month later.

Allow Time for Comfortable Healing

Finally, you should also hold off wearing more expensive bras for health reasons. After the augmentation surgery, you will be given a special bra to help the healing process. This bra will help take the strain off your breasts while it peacefully heals. Other bras can potentially cause rubbing to irritate the incision site or even introduce bacteria to the area. For this reason, it is best to follow your plastic surgeon’s advice about what bras to wear and when you can go back to wearing your normal sort of bra. You can also get their recommendations on when shifting may stop and when you can actually go shopping for those expensive new bras that you are just dying to wear.

If you are considering breast augmentation, it can be a big decision. However, for all those who do make the leap, they are always happy with the results. Breast augmentation can result in a body that makes you feel more confident. If you are considering either breast enlargement or reduction, contact us today. Let Dr. Apesos guide you on whether or not breast augmentation is the right choice for your specific needs. We want you to feel right in your own skin, and we can help.