If you have unsightly bulging veins, spider veins, or painful varicose veins, then pursuing sclerotherapy results through a plastic surgeon is the right choice to help improve your life and your look. In this simple procedure, your plastic surgeon injects a chemical into the veins which will cause the veins to harmlessly close. The body then reabsorbs the vein tissue and you are left with no more visible veins the in area, not even the faint blue shadow of normal vein tissue where the problem veins used to be. This is often done quickly and safely by a plastic surgeon to get your skin marred by unsightly veins back to its beautiful original form without affecting blood flow in the area.

However, everyone who has had plastic surgery or at least looked into it before knows that not all results are permanent, some results can last for years while others only a few months before another treatment is needed. In most procedures, the results often wear off eventually because the body is constantly changing. So the question stands: If you have sclerotherapy, how long do you have before those veins come back?

Will Sclerotherapy Treated Veins Come Back?

There is some good news and some potential bad news in regards to sclerotherapy results. The good news is that those veins you had treated are gone forever. The veins will completely close and disappear into the body. This means there is no chance of them opening back up again and causing unsightly or uncomfortable results. So the sclerotherapy results are, in fact, permanent. Unfortunately, the potential bad news is that often unsightly vein conditions are not one-time affairs within the body as a whole. People who develop spider or varicose veins often have it as a hereditary condition, which means more of those unsightly vein areas could reappear. While the body constantly opens up and grows new veins every day, often these vein conditions will take longer to reappear in the originally treated area. However, it is common for the vein issues to pop up in other areas more quickly. If this is the case, then sclerotherapy can be done again and the effects will be just as permanent in those initial other areas.

Seeking Sclerotherapy Treatment Early

So, in essence, the results from your varicose, spider, or bulging vein treatment are never to be undone, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need new treatment for other areas. However, typically most people wait many years before seeking sclerotherapy to treat initial vein issues, making them require more treatments to get the same great results compared to if they consulted a plastic surgeon early when the issues first began. However, as new problem veins appear, if you engage the sclerotherapy right away, it takes less treatment and you don’t have to suffer those unsightly veins for longer than you need to, much less the pain that comes with conditions like varicose veins. Furthermore, the procedure is often completed faster because there is less of an area to cover and thus the healing will be completed faster as well. The body is magnificent at taking care of useless tissue, this means that smaller areas treated as soon as you spot them will also be reabsorbed quickly as well.

If you have spider, varicose, or just unsightly large veins that you can’t stand the sight of, contact us today. Dr. James Apesos can help you feel better and look your best. Vein conditions are often easy to ignore by many people, but when they start to cause pain or affect your self confidence, then they need to be treated by a board-certified professional so you can get back to a beautiful, pain-free you as soon as possible.