While a rhinoplasty isn’t the most invasive procedure that you can undergo, like any surgery, it is important to prepare for it. When you make the decision to undergo a nose job, your cosmetic surgeon will go through the list of pre-operation instructions with you. It is important to follow them. However, if you want the procedure to go as smoothly as possible, consider these tips to help prepare for your rhinoplasty procedure.

Stop Smoking

You will want to try your hardest to stop smoking at least two weeks before your surgery. Nicotine slows down the healing process so it is important to keep it out of your system until everything is fully healed.

Prepare for Dry Mouth After Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

You don’t know how much you breathe out of your nose until you can’t breathe out of it anymore, right? Fully anticipate that after the procedure is done, you will have a dry mouth due to increased breathing out of your mouth. It is recommended to get some lip balm and have some cool water to keep it moist.

Change Your Sheets

After your rhinoplasty procedure, you will want to go right to bed, and perhaps stay there awhile. In order to minimize risk of infection, you will want to put on clean sheets. Furthermore, you may want them to be old or cheap sheets in case there is any drainage, which can happen.

Stock Up

After your surgery, you will not want to go out for a spell. Make sure to get your prescriptions filled. You will also want to go to the grocery store and stock up on soft, non-crunchy food. Finally, you will want a variety of ice packs on hand. We recommend the softer, more pliable variety, so they can form to the contours better without added pressure.

Arrange Transportation

You will not be able to drive yourself after the procedure, so before then, make sure someone is free to drive you there and make sure you get back to your home okay.

Dress Comfortably

This is a procedure that calls for slip-on shoes, sweatpants, and most importantly, a button-up shirt. You won’t want to pull a shirt over your face. Instead, it is easier to just unbutton one and take it off. In short, plan on wearing your lazy day clothes.


Proper hydration is important for so many reasons. However, when it comes to rhinoplasty procedures, being well hydrated can make sure you heal quickly and reduces the chances of nausea. Of course, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything starting at midnight of the day before surgery.

Have a Clean Face for Your Rhinoplasty Procedure

The date of your rhinoplasty procedure isn’t the day you need to look your best. Skip any makeup or jewelry. Your face should be clean and ready to be worked on. You may also want to avoid overly perfumed soaps or moisturizers as well. Your cosmetic surgeon should have a blank canvas to work with.

Notify The Office if You Have a Cold

If you are scheduled for a rhinoplasty procedure, but develop a cold, be sure to call your plastic surgeon right away. Your surgery date may need to be moved until you are all better. Do not just hope that you will get better before that date, it is important to keep your plastic surgeon informed of all changes.

Are You Ready to Get the Nose You Want?

If you haven’t set a date for rhinoplasty procedure yet, but are really considering it, then there is no time like the present. If you are interested in rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic surgery, contact us today to see how Dr. Apesos can help. We can help you look the way you have always dreamed of.