Are you searching for the best option to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins? Sclerotherapy is a generally simple medical procedure that can eradicate varicose veins and spider veins. By injecting a solution directly into your veins, the veins will then collapse and eventually fade away. Moreover, since the 1930s, sclerotherapy has proven itself as a safe and effective treatment. Nevertheless, many patients have questions. Today’s article proves answers to the most common.

1. How long are sclerotherapy sessions? – The initial treatment session can take several hours, but is usually less. The physician will want to observe how you react to the injections. Nevertheless, most people have multiple varicose veins and spider veins that will require several sessions. During each session, there is a limit of 10-20 injections. So, many patients will need 2 or 3 sessions over several weeks.

2. What occurs following a sclerotherapy session? – After a sclerotherapy treatment, the area is wrapped and bandaged. It is also important to keep your leg elevated for several hours. Also, to help control swelling and bruising, it is recommended that you wear a compression stocking. The reality is that your legs will look worse before they start to look better. Final results take about a month.

3. Will my insurance company pay for sclerotherapy treatment? – It would be extremely unusual for your insurance company to pay for sclerotherapy treatments. Generally speaking, the only benefits that sclerotherapy provides are cosmetic. Regardless, it may be covered if sclerotherapy is for the purpose of alleviating the physical symptoms of spider veins of varicose veins.

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