New beauty products seem to be hitting the market every day. With the global cosmetic market growing at a rate of four percent annually, it is no surprise that the beauty products market is projected to reach over $805 billion USD by 2023. With so many products available to consumers, it is important to separate those products that are proven to be effective from those that promise unsubstantiated results. Below are five tips to help you find beauty products that actually work.

1) Look for beauty products which are approved by the FDA

FDA approval is not required for all types of beauty products. But there is sometimes a fine line separating cosmetics from drugs, which DO require FDA approval. For instance, beauty products that are intended to remove wrinkles or increase collagen are treated like drugs or medical devices by the FDA, and must be FDA approved before they are marketed to Americans:

“Under the law, cosmetics must be safe when consumers use them according to product labeling, or the way in which the products are customarily used. But the law does not require cosmetics to be approved by FDA before they go on the market. Drugs, however, must have FDA approval for both safety and effectiveness before they go on the market.”

United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 

2) Search for products which are made or widely marketed in the United States

The United States has much stricter laws and regulations on beauty products than most countries. For this reason alone, products that are made or widely distributed in the United States tend to be safer alternatives than unregulated products that are primarily sold overseas.

3) Steer clear of beauty products that have no track record of success

Use caution when considering beauty products from new manufacturers or products that have only recently been introduced into the marketplace. This rule of thumb is especially relevant if you are considering a product that lacks FDA approval. Instead, look for products that are endorsed by relevant medical organizations or accomplished, high profile plastic surgeons.

4) Be wary of products that over-promise

“A new study found that fewer than one in five upmarket cosmetic adverts stands up to scrutiny, with companies criticised for their ‘vague’ science and false claims of superiority over rivals. Nearly one in four wrinkle removal claims were found to include ‘outright lies’.”

Sarah Knapton, Science Editor, The Telegraph

Products claiming to “completely erase wrinkles” or “stop the aging process” rarely offer any substantive proof to fortify their claims. However, that does not stop naive consumers from believing their claims. You can help identify the best products by scanning online reviews by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, scientists, and even verified buyers.

5) Make sure you have realistic expectations before you purchase

Even the most clinically effective beauty products in the world cannot stop the aging process; they’ll never be able to make you look 20 years younger. Make sure that you approach your purchase with realistic expectations in order to avoid disappointment. It is also a good idea to review before and after photos that are submitted by both patients and healthcare practitioners to get an idea of what type of results you can reasonably expect when using the product.

What should you always do before committing to a purchase?

Once you’ve decided you’re interested in purchasing a new beauty product, the single most important thing to do is to seek the expertise of a trusted plastic surgeon. A consultation provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the benefits, costs, risks, and results you can achieve using the product. Additionally, you can voice any questions or concerns you have about the product. Most importantly, a plastic surgeon can evaluate your health and outline treatment options which are proven to provide reliable results. We invite you to contact us for recommendations on the best beauty products available. We look forward to hearing from you!