What is labiaplasty, and how can it help? Who to choose as your plastic surgeon for labiaplasty is an important decision also. Here’s everything you need to know.

The joy and happiness that newborns bring into our lives is beyond measure. However, giving birth is a life-altering event. As a woman, your body can change in many ways both during pregnancy and after childbirth. Fortunately, procedures to repair damage from childbirth can help you bounce back. Today, more than 10,000 women in the U.S. undergo labiaplasty every year. However, before undergoing the vaginal rejuvenation process, it is essential to learn a few basics.

Here’s what to know.

What Is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure done to modify the labia. Oftentimes, the surgery aims to alter the labia minora (the inner tissues of the female genitalia). However, the procedure may also be performed to remodel the labia majora (the fleshy outer vaginal lips).

The purpose of this surgical procedure is to change the size and improve the appearance of your labia. This in turn offers both functional and cosmetic benefits.

Why Some Women Seek The Treatment After Childbirth

After a vaginal delivery, your vagina can change in terms of its physical appearance and how it feels, something that may affect your life. Here are a few reasons why some women seek labiaplasty after birth.

•    Enlarged labia: After birth, the vagina can feel wider and stretchy. Enlarged labia may cause discomfort and embarrassingly show through tight clothing.
•    Intimacy problems: The loose, hanging skin around the vaginal opening causes some women to experience pain during intercourse.
•    Difficulty maintaining proper hygiene: Changes to the inner tissues can make it difficult to clean the vagina. Also, women may experience a host of health issues when the loose skin traps bacteria and urine.
•    Difficulty exercising: The extra folds of skin associated with saggy labia can cause discomfort even when engaging in light exercises.

The Benefits Of Labiaplasty

A labia reduction procedure has many benefits. If you have labia hypertrophy, below are some reasons why you should consider this treatment.

Reduced Pain And Discomfort

Labiaplasty focuses on removing excess labial tissue. This helps to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by enlarged labial tissues and irregular labia. As such, you will feel more comfortable in clothing and be able to participate in various physical activities comfortably.

Improved Hygiene And Health

Excess skin can not only make it difficult to maintain good vaginal hygiene, but also create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Labiaplasty corrects the issue, effectively helping to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and other health concerns.

Improved Self-confidence

Once you undergo labiaplasty, you will not have to worry about the embarrassment caused by enlarged vaginal lips. You will be confident about your body and be able to participate in the social activities you enjoy.

Better Sex

Labiaplasty helps to reduce your self-consciousness about your appearance. It also minimizes the discomfort you may experience during intercourse. This goes a long way in improving your sexual confidence, so you can experience sexual pleasure.

How To Select A Plastic Surgeon For Labiaplasty

Choosing a plastic surgeon for labiaplasty is an important decision. However, selecting the right professional for the delicate procedure can be a challenge. Below are tips to help make your work easier.

Verify All Credentials

Performing labiaplasty requires knowledge, expertise and an aesthetic eye. When looking for a plastic surgeon for the procedure, be sure to verify all their credentials. This will help you to establish whether the professional has the necessary qualifications and experience.

Board Certification

It is critical to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Board certification is proof that the surgeon has undergone extensive surgical training and assessment. Certified professionals adhere to a code of ethics and uphold the highest standards in patient care. That way, you can be confident the procedure will be done safely and in a way that will deliver the desired results.

Look At Their Surgical Portfolio

When deciding on a plastic surgeon for labiaplasty, you will want to work with someone who knows what they are doing. To be sure that you will be in capable hands, ask them to show you their surgical portfolio. Take time to look over before-and-after photographs of their work to find out if they are experienced.

Read Through Online Reviews

Lastly, read through online reviews. Feedback from previous clients will give you more insight into the medical facility and help you know what to expect if you select the plastic surgeon.

In the end, labiaplasty is not the only procedure to repair damage from childbirth. There are many options you can consider when it comes to female genital rejuvenation. For optimal results, always work with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Apesos is a trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon with over thirty years of experience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.