Our hands do a lot. We rely on our hands for everything from cooking, typing, crafting, expressing ourselves through art and music, to caring for others. We want our hands to look graceful and beautiful, but let’s face it: we also expect our hands to function daily. Our hands are on full display, so we want to care for them and may even receive routine manicures with embellished nail polish and nail art. But, our hands are one of the first things to show our age. So, how do we turn back the clock and keep our hands looking youthful and lovely?

What causes our hands to age?

Well, age itself, of course, gets most the blame for hands looking older. As we age, we naturally start losing more and more collagen. Collagen gives our skin its flexibility and suppleness. This loss of collagen shows up most notably on the hands. The skin on our hands naturally starts out thinner, and then if you add all the work and activity we expect our hands to do, we can see why the loss of collagen makes such a difference.

Sun damage represents another factor that especially affects the hands. Damaging UV rays cause everything from age spots to skin cancer. Except in incidents of cold and inclement weather, when we use gloves or mittens, our hands are exposed to the elements and especially vulnerable to sun damage.

Preventing damage to our hands:

Everyone ages, so it only makes sense to fight the aging process early. Of course, everyone, especially children, should use sunscreen to protect against damaging rays. But, many say that even those as young as age 20 should make it a point to moisturize and moisturize often, especially if your hands suffer exposure to the sun or severe weather.

Gloves represent another excellent way to protect our hands when doing things like housework and gardening. Also, using cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid which are milder and safer for the hands also makes a difference over time.

And, if you don’t smoke, don’t start and if you do smoke, quit. Smoking doesn’t just wreak havoc on our lungs and heart, but also our skin. Your hands will reveal the damage smoking does just as quickly as your face does.

Treatments for aging or damaged hands:

Our lives are so busy, that even though we think we’re taking care of our hands, all of a sudden we take a good look at our hands and notice age or liver spots, thinning skin, and prominent veins. Maybe we see our hands showing age at 40 and perhaps not until 60 or older. Genetics also plays a part in how rapidly our hands will age. Of course, inherited conditions such as arthritis also dramatically impacts how quickly our hands’ age.

But, we may not feel as old as our hands look, and we may not be ready to give up the idea of beautiful hands to hold our loved ones or display our prized jewelry. Fortunately, treatments exist that safely turn back the clock on aging hands:

  • Natural therapies such as mixing lemon juice with coconut oil help with the appearance of brown liver or age spots.
  • Special serums to reduce the appearance of age spots also exist.
  • Skin peels in which a chemical solution applied forces the skin to exfoliate and reveals a healthier layer underneath.
  • Cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures for short periods for healing purposes. This practice makes the most sense for things like warts and cancerous lesions, but also works on age spots.
  • Sclerotherapy for hands reduces the appearance of unwanted and bulging veins. A chemical injected into the vein causes it to die, and in a few days, the hand appears much smoother. The recovery period takes just three or four days, and the only aftercare involves wearing compression gloves.

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