Assessing a cosmetic surgeon doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some tips to help you decide on the best.

The best Cosmetic Surgeons all share a singular trait. While well versed and accredited in  the medical arts, their first approach to their craft is that of an artist who is well versed in the aesthetic qualities of the human anatomy. Patients seek cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons. It could be to correct the results of an injury, to remove an unsightly birthmark, or to enhance the patient’s looks. The nature of the cosmetic surgery goes beyond other surgical procedures. An appendectomy, for example, does not withstand the subjective scrutiny of a rhinoplasty.

Therefore, the practitioner’s acumen in the anatomical arts need to be addressed.  Of course, medical accreditations, experience, and good standing among the medical community is vital to your doctor’s selection process. Yet, unlike other medical procedures, his or her sense of anatomical aesthetics is sacrosanct. That’s why a talented cosmetic surgeon is one of the few practitioners among the medical arts who maintain a portfolio of the work he/she has performed.

Assessing a Cosmetic Surgeon

It is this additional layer of artistic expertise that separates the cosmetic surgeon from his medical peers. However, cosmetic surgery is first and foremost a medical procedure that must be approached seriously. It entails thoroughly assessing a cosmetic surgeon and their credentials, reputation, and practices. While, one does come across promotions in the form of coupons and special rates pertaining to some cosmetic procedures, it would be a lapse in judgment to base your selection of a practitioner candidate solely on price.

The prestigious American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) understands the seriousness of the decision you are about to make. Therefore, it has published a comprehensive list of questions to ask your doctor as part of the selection process. It acts as a checklist to bring with you to your first visit. The journey begins with this preliminary meeting with the surgeon. The purpose of the meeting is to achieve a better understanding of the doctor’s practice and to get a better sense of his approach and demeanor. Simply print out the PDF file, and you are ready for your doctor’s meeting.

Before You leave home…

Your preliminary appointment should be preceded by a thorough assessing of the cosmetic surgeon in question. A good place to start is the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). The non-profit supports “America’s state medical boards in licensing, disciplining and regulating physicians and other healthcare professionals.” Click on the Doc info link to learn of a practitioner’s education, certifications, active licenses, and any disciplinary actions or complaints that may have been lodged against him. Other great and reliable search engines to employ also include ProPublica’s Surgeon Scorecard. 

Upon Arrival at the Surgeon’s  Office

Now is the time to surmise the doctor’s office space. Ask yourself questions like “Is the office clean, organized, and professional? “, Is the staff friendly, courteous, and happy to see you?, Is the atmosphere warm and inviting? ” There’s no need to write these questions down, it’s all covered on FSMB’s PDF printout.

Meeting with the Surgeon and What Questions to ask

Again, no need to fret. The PDF has you covered. Questions to direct to the doctor include: “Am I a good candidate for my procedure of interest?”, “How many times have you performed this procedure? And what are the risks?  Again, all the pertinent questions are right there for you on the PDF.

Finally, observe the office decor. What does it tell you about his artistic acumen? Does he have an especially keen eye for beauty? Does his taste in art go beyond the mundane? You might ask him directly what is his opinion of cosmetic surgery as an art form. The more you get to know about his thought processes, the more certain your final decision will be.  The Kenneth L. Myers Clinic, home to Dr. Apesos’s practice, pays homage to the Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie School of Architecture. Nestled in lush, green landscaping, just visiting Dr. Apesos’s clinic is levels above the typical humdrum medical office to which we’re all accustomed.

For more information on how Dr. Apesos and his experienced team can deliver a stellar cosmetic surgical experience for you, contact us.