In 2014, 1.26 million men had some type of cosmetic procedure done. Four hundred thousand of those men had Botox injections. The numbers show that this is an increase of 300 percent in the male use of Botox. Why are men suddenly using Botox?

One reason men are using Botox all of a sudden is the increase in competition over jobs. Between December 2007 and June 2009, the U.S. was going through a depression and millions of jobs were lost. After the recession in July of 2009, the unemployment rate of men aged 16 and over was 9.8%. In August 2016, the rate in the same age group had been reduced to 4.5%. As the country emerged from this recession, men started using whatever means they deemed necessary to give themselves an advantage in the workplace.

According to Dr. Scot Glasberg, President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men are “wanting to look a little younger to get a job more easily. First impressions are everything in an interview.” Looking younger gives them more confidence going into an interview situation and means that they may be chosen over someone who appears older. A youthful appearance implies a fresh outlook and a sharp mind.

The actual procedure takes about 10 minutes, once the consultations are completed. It is a short enough procedure and the after effects are usually so minimal that a patient can return to work or to other daily activities soon afterward. Results can be seen within a day or 2 and last up to 4 months.

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