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You’re going to want to show them off; don’t show them off. Exposing your breast augmentation scar prematurely greatly increases your chance of infection. Keeping your bandages clean and dry is probably the most important key in recovering from breast augmentation.

The second most important component for a quick recovery is rest and relaxation. Avoid strenuous activity for a solid week. This includes walking, not running, and sleeping on your back. The pain from manipulation of the muscle tissue in the breast cavity is likely to be the worst part of the recovery process and pain killers are generally prescribed for this.

Breast augmentation surgery has evolved to become quick and easy, unfortunately complications during recovery may not be detected until unnecessary damage is caused. So eat and sleep right help your body recover on its own. You should also avoid harsh soaps and oils, creams, tanning and anything else that may complicate healing of the scar. If your doctor had prescribed antibiotics, take them.

Most patients after surgery fully recover in two weeks and are able to return to work after a weekend of recovery. By taking extra good care the first week of recovery you can expect a quick and easy recovery.