Are you worried that CoolSculpting has a risk of permanent nerve damage? During a patient’s initial consultation, they are informed about some side effects, which can include short-term pain, swelling, bruising, and maybe a pins and needles sensation. Despite this information, some are unprepared. Moreover, some people have a more extreme response than others. This can manifest concerns in some who worry about the pain and the inflammation. There are examples on online forums of people asking for help. Therefore, today’s article answers the question, “Does CoolSculpting cause nerve damage?”

Some patients will suffer short-term discomfort, pain, or numbness. While different individuals will have different tolerance levels to these side-effects, CoolSculpting has been cleared by the FDA and is considered safe and effective. Moreover, there are no known instances of CoolSculpting causing permanent nerve damage. In fact, while some side-effects can last several weeks, none are known to be permanent.

Regardless, there are some people who are not ideal candidates for CoolSculpting. It is important to disclose any health conditions prior to the procedure. This would include health problems such as any known sensitivity to cold, impaired circulation, post-herpetic neuralgia or diabetic neuropathy, impaired skin sensitivity, or bleeding disorders.

Ultimately, CoolSculpting will affect only your fat cells, not the skin, muscles, or nerves. While numbness or tingling can occur, these side effects are only temporary. That said, you should exclusively consult with a board certified physician who can safely offer the best options for you.

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