The internet has become a valuable resource for gaining information. However, it has also become a place where rumors can start and quickly spread. Recently, a number of patients have come into the office asking, “Can CoolSculpting cause hernias?” The fast answer is no. CoolSculpting cannot cause or increase the risk of developing a hernia.

Hernias form when an organ pushes through the muscle wall which holds it in place. They are most common in the abdomen. However, they can also occur in the groin area, the belly button, and even the thigh. Additionally, hernias happen when the combination of weak muscles and strain cause a tear. The muscle weakness can come from old age, an injury, chronic coughing, or a congenital defect. Examples of a strain include coughing, sneezing, sudden weight gain, constipation, heavy weight lifting, and others.

There is no risk of developing a hernia after CoolSculpting. The procedure only affects fat cells, and it does not impact the muscle. So, there is no risk of either weakening the muscles or causing strain. However, it is possible for CoolSculpting to uncover a hernia that was not apparent beforehand. CoolSculpting is an extremely safe, noninvasive, cosmetic procedure. The most common side effects include some mild discomfort, bruising, numbness, tingling, and itching. However, all these symptoms are temporary. It is impossible for CoolSculpting to cause a hernia.

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