Skin tightening and firming products are one of the largest aspects of the skin care and cosmetic industry.  With so many options on the market, it’s challenging knowing what to look for.  What works well for one person may not be the best option for another.  Before settling on a new skin product, keep these 3 basic questions in mind. 

1.) What type of skin do I have

Everyone’s skin is very different.  While some individuals have extremely dry and course skin, others may have very oily and rich skin texture.  Most people are a combination of these extremes with varying textures throughout their body.  Before deciding on a new skin product, always keep your specific skin type in mind.  Product success may vary widely based on your skin textures.  If you’re unsure about your skin type, consider visiting a skin specialist for answers. 

2.) How much success have others had with this product

Always check into product reviews and consumer reports when looking for a new skin care product.  Finding out how well it worked for someone else is key in deciding whether a product is a good match for yourself.  Look for impartial reviews and recommendations. If you personally know someone with a lot of skin care product experience, pick their brain for product suggestions. 

3.) Does my plastic surgeon or dermatologist recommend this product?

Regardless of what others say, one of the best opinions to look for lies at your doctor’s office.  Always consult your plastic surgeon or dermatologist before trying any new products.  They can give you a clinical opinion and assess your skin. This allows you to understand what your skin needs and how to best care for it.  For skin care questions and product recommendations, please call and schedule your question-answer consultation with us today.