back pain cartoon

After working for many years with women who have had breast implants, many of them have complained about back pains and shoulder slouching. These pains and aches mostly result in surgeries where the implants are inserted under the muscle.

It is actually very common for women who have had breast augmentation to complain about back pains after the implant surgery, these pains usually emanate from the upper back. This is because the pectoral muscles, under which the implants are placed, are directly connected to the latissimus dorsi and other back muscles. The pain comes is when these muscles are stretched and distorted by the implants.

Due to the immense pain after the surgery, most patients find themselves using their backs, arms and abdomens differently even without realizing it. However, all these goes away with time as your body adjusts and becomes more comfortable. Medication can also be used to hasten the process of relaxing your tensed muscles and reduce pain on a short term basis.

Additionally, the natural sleeping postures that most women are used to are altered since they are advised not to lay flat their back or on their side. In days after the operation, the women are advised to sleep in somewhat propped up position which introduces harmful stresses on the back. It is also common for women who have had breast implant in the immediate past to walk with their shoulders hunched forward thus making their sore back even worse.

Lower back pains are mostly caused by your walking and sleeping postures, it is therefore important to have a massage and low impact physical therapy to help alleviate the pain.