Pauline was nervous about her face lift. Not because she was afraid of the surgery, it’s just that the changes she wanted were subtle, and she didn’t want to end up looking like she’d just had a face lift. At 62, she’d thought about this for years. She’d saved her vacation time so she’d have several weeks in which to recuperate. Still, she wondered, “Will I be a plastic surgery success story, or one of those women who looks like she’s trying too hard?”

So Pauline told co-workers she felt especially close to about her plans and her apprehensions. She explained that she didn’t want to look years younger. In fact, she’d keep her stylish short silver hair exactly the same. She just wanted to look like an attractive 62-year-old, get rid of the jowls and some of those deepening wrinkles. A subtle, yet effective result was what she hoped for.

The time for her vacation came and Pauline went through the necessary pre-surgery physical and lab tests. Everything looked good, and she got the go-ahead from her doctor. Time for the procedure! Surgery went fine, though there was some slight bruising afterwards, though nothing a little concealer and makeup couldn’t disguise. Another two weeks passed and the bruising was barely visible anymore. She liked the way she looked! Her doctor had given her exactly what she was looking for — no more jowls, no more deep lines. She looked like a well-rested, attractive version of herself. The Pauline of ten years ago! Her co-workers agreed. Nice job, doc!

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