Many holidaymakers may be jetting off in the summer and one of the things many will be packing is an appointment card to see a plastic surgeon. For many Americans, a nip and a tuck or a nose job are becoming as important as a perfect tan.

The number of Americans who are undergoing these procedures is on the rise for the past two years, from bottom lifts in Turkey to dentures in Thailand, most people are preferring these cheaper alternatives coupled with low-cost flights.

Eastern Europe has seen the largest number of inflow of American cosmetic tourism. Asian countries such as the Philippines and Other countries such as India, Pakistan and the Dominican Republic have recorded a surge in Americans who are looking for cheap cosmetic surgery.

Some of these countries also us banned procedures such as injecting harmful toxic filler substances. Many Plastic surgeons are reporting cases of patients who require corrective plastic surgery after they have operations overseas.

The lack of regulation in many countries means that standards fluctuate from one clinic to another and it becomes difficult to assess the performance of a surgeon. It is also important for a surgeon to monitor the patient after the surgery for at least 24 hours to make sure they do not surfer from any complications.

There are several things you need to know about plastic surgery tourism

  1. cosmetic surgery is still surgery and involves serious risks
  2. Air travel increases the risk of developing pulmonary embolism.
  3. You may not be legally protected by US laws since the qualifications and training of these physicians who operate outside the US are regulated.
  4. It may turn out to be more expensive since secondary cosmetic surgery may be required to correct or finish a previous surgery.