No one can escape the aging process, but having certain types of plastic surgery to correct unattractive loose sagging skin and slack muscles can make us look much younger, dramatically hold back the years, give us confidence, and make us feel on top of the world when we look in the mirror. Two of the most popular types of plastic surgery that are suitable for both men and women, are facelifts and eyelid surgery.

Anyone from their mid-thirties up to their seventies, who has acquired loose sagging skin as a result of Mother Time, accumulated UV damage, has fine skin, or had dramatic weight loss, are ideal candidates. When the surgery is performed you undergo a general anesthetic whilst the skin and muscles are tightened and any loose skin is cut. The incisions are made in a precise manner in the hairline and around the ears in order to hide any tiny traces of scarring. The amount of downtime after surgery is quite short, and within a couple of weeks, any swelling or bruising should have disappeared. Naturally, having the procedure undertaken by a registered skilled esthetic plastic surgeon with an established track record is the best course of action. Facelifts should look natural, and bring back your youthful charm, so always ask to see before and after photos of work the surgeon has done, and be sure to ask any questions you may have.

Our eye area gives away our age, and under eye bags, excess fat, loose skin and heavy droopy eyelids get worse as the years pass. The good news is that giving your upper or lower eye area a much younger look only involves a relatively minor procedure, and may not even require a general anesthetic. During surgery, any excess fat is removed and excess skin is cut away. A protective cover is placed over the eyeball and fine incisions are made along the crease of the eyelid so that any marks are not noticeable. Surgery is carried out on the lower eyelids to reduce wrinkles, take away excess skin and fat, and improve the shape. This is done by the surgeon making small incisions under the lash line.

If you are thinking about having one of these types of plastic surgery, be sure to do your homework and find a highly qualified plastic surgeon that has a first-class track record and explains everything to you.